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Bid Now – Firearms & Sporting Collectibles

Sunday January 31st at 1pm – Doors open at Noon!

Don’t miss this opportunity for Police Trade-in’s, Glocks, AK 47′s, Winchesters, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Rifles, Handguns, Shotguns, Mounts, and more.

Police Auction Sat. August 15th at 9am

Join us Saturday August 15th for three exciting auctions – ALL AT THE SAME TIME, attend live or join the live simulcast on the Internet with streaming audio. There is something for everyone including Police confiscated & stolen property and jewelry, tools, computers, electronics, automobiles, furniture, appliances, paintings, collectibles, sporting goods, and much more. Bring the family for a fun day at the auction.

Bid Now – Police Auction this Saturday August 1st.

Bid Now – Police Auction this Saturday August 1st.  The auction is online and available for bidding now at https://www.auctionandappraise.com/auctions.html.

Tomorrow you can enjoy three auctions – All taking place at the same time.  You will find Police confiscated and stolen jewelry, tools, electronics, furniture, collectibles, appliances, gaming items like the XBox 360, and even a Steinway Baby Grand piano.

It’s fun for the whole family with a concessionaire to keep you hydrated and fed too!!

Don’t miss the great deals and the fun.  Doors open at 8am!

Save on Back to school shopping – Bicycles – Back Packs & more!

The Police auction is the perfect place to pick up bicycles, school supplies and equipment, clothing and more at a huge savings over retail prices.  Join us Saturday August 16th at 9am for our monthly auction including City of Phoenix stolen & confiscated property.  You can view and bid on each item now too!  Check the Auction Systems auction schedule.